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It is formed on 19th April 2011 and was named as punjaab future. it is not named after Punjab state But 5 rivers PUNJ-AAB (Jhelum, Chenab , Satluj, Ravi and Beas ). We formed this society because we always want to do something for our society. Our missions (Female Foeticide, Girl Education, Awareness for Aids, Bood Donation, Save Environment, Save Water, Say no to Drugs). We started this mission on the medium we all youth are familiar with .i.e. face book we made friends from different parts of our country and within 6 months we achieved a good amount of feedback from all of our friends from different parts of society but one day when we asked one of our new joiners from West Bengal to like the page then She rejected and asked " Why should i like it..?? " it is regarding your state then we told that it is not our state it about rivers like rivers flow all through without difrrence for anyone our organisation also flows in the same way it's welfare for society then she asked " Why not Kolkata future..?? " then after 15-20 days of work and discussions among the members about this thing we changed its name to YOUTH INDIA FUTURE then after sometime one more friend from Karnataka, who had joined us on facebook asked us to make pages of all over India then we members of our society had a meeting in our head office and decided to launch pages of all states then on 31st December 2011. We completed our work and made the thought into progress and implemented it successfully.
After gaining good response on facebook we decided to make it more professional and within your reach then we hired a professional website desingner and made a website of our society. Our missions are well thought and main problems which we think were in the society are taken as our mission our website www.youthindiafuture.com was launched on 12th april 2012. After two weeks of time on the occasion of EARTH DAY we made banners and posters which were distributed among GOVT. BIKRAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, PATIALA and flexes were pasted on the walls of College with prior permission of college authorities . We have believe to form a society which will not have these problems which we have mentioned in our website please see and join and help us in this social cause.
Just join and work for society.

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