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Aids (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) it is the disease which is increasing its strength in India day by day aids patients are increasing in India more then 2.4 million people are currently living with aids problem. In India there were no aids patients till 1986 but in the world there were more then 20,000 cases of aids discovered. In 1987 it spread its roots from Tamil Nadu Chennai (one sex-worker got this disease from the foreign visitors). Many programmes were launched for providing information about this disease and itís symptoms. How it is spread so that everyone has proper knowledge what to do and what not. Awareness programmes were launched by government as well as some societies for spreading awareness that how can a person get aids so not to deal in those practises. What should we do and what not were also told in these programmes. We have also prepared a list of things like this so that we can spread proper awareness among the people that what should be done and what not these are as under.

» Donít do sex with more then one partner, if want to do just use condom.
» Donít use same needle for injecting.
» Donít use drugs for injecting with same needle.
» Must get regular check up and tests as prescribed by the doctor, if suffering
from any disease.
» Blade must be changed after shave
» Donít indulge in sex with any sex-workers

These things must be taken care off for protection of aids. As t is well said, ďprevention is better then cureĒ so we must see towards its prevention because it does not have cure. Save our people from getting this virus. Save them save society. We want you all to come and spread awareness among youth not to deal with unfair practices of sex to protect our societyís future.
Youth is future so letís take an oath to save them and spread awareness about this incurable disease and save our people.

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